I | Aureus: the summary

get to know the cryptocurrency


#1: What is Aureus?

It must come to no surprise to anyone who’s familiar with the crypto-world that new coins emerge all the time. Currently, there are around 900 (and counting) cryptocurrencies in the market with Bitcoin remaining as the gold standard.

Aureus is a unique bitcoing alternative cryptocurrency that aims to empower holders by giving them a chance to earn dividends in the form of Bitcoin. It sets itself apart from the hundreds of alt-coins by being the first digital currency to be backed by a Bitcoin reserve and also issues dividends.


#2: How did it come about?

Aureus was initially introduced as a bitcoin alternative token from a previously failed community lending program called BitKingdom. After the demise of the aforementioned organisation, the remaining community pooled together their remaining assets (15,000 BTC) and unanimously decided to invest in their token by turning it into a real thriving cryptocurrency.

The community would have incurred too many losses from liquidating their remaining Bitcoins, plus they saw a real value in Aureus. 

Since there was already a modest supply and an immense demand for Aureus, the strategic plan was set in motion on how to best proceed with what some may deem as a byproduct of what was a failed pyramid scheme. Therefore, a trusted group of financiers, technicians, and legal advisors were formed as a team to manage Aureus with the utmost integrity and transparency from then on.

Every activity and action since then have all been duly recorded and announced on all the official Aureus social media platforms. The management aims to improve their service to serve the remaining community better continually.


#3: Was Aureus involved with BitKingdom?

Yes, in a manner of speaking, as it was first introduced as a token in that community.
However, BitKingdom has since then dissolved, and Aureus is, by no means, attached to the unfortunate downfall of BitKingdom. It continued on as a cryptocurrency after the events from BitKingdom.
The management since then has been changed and so has the structure of the ecosystem.


#4: Who were these community leaders?

The community leaders were citizens left behind from BitKingdom who held a majority of the shares and had the most influence over the rest of the members. Therefore, they were the top decision makers who all unanimously agreed not to liquidate their assets and to focus on making Aureus a global phenomenon.


#5: What happened after they (Aureus community) decided not to liquidate initially?

Upon the decision not to liquidate, the community leaders hired a trusted and experienced financier for a solution. The principal partner of Cryptocrest, Adimus Putera Mustafa, alongside the technical expertise of Arsyan Ismail and Dana Coe (also the founder of BitLox) decided to come together and work on Aureus.

From then on, the Cryptocrest team have partnered up with the legal teams of Naqiz & Partners, as well as Selachii DAA who served as the custodian of the Bitcoin reserve which consisted of 15,000 BTC. It was officially named the Aureus Bitcoin Trust (ABT). The first decree that was sanctioned by the newly formed management was to give the community a chance to hold democratic elections. 

In October 2017, after a vote was held, the majority of the Aureus members voted to have the ABT fund liquidated which was proportionately distributed to all members.


#6: So if the ABT was liquidated, what backs Aureus now?

Before the ABT was liquidated, the Aureus community was awarded 15,000 BCH due to the August fork. Therefore, Aureus owners are still able to collect monthly BTC dividends through numerous activities including the conversion of 700BCH to BTC.


#7: Can I mine Aureus?

No. Aureus is decidedly a pre-mined currency to ensure faster transactions. One of the best features about Aureus is that it also has fewer fees and this is because we do not need to compensate miners.


#8: Is the supply of Aureus limited?

Yes. The supply of Aureus is fixed at 21 million AURS and will be distributed over the course of the next three years on a Blockchain that is similar to Bitcoin’s.


#9: Who uses Aureus?

Those that remained from the community are the current primary users of Aureus. They help to generate the demand for it by using it in the real-world economy. We also encourage new users to sign up and also take part in our monthly dividend distributions.


#10: What’s the connection between Aureus and Bitcoin?

  • used to be backed by a Bitcoin reserve (15,000 BTC)
  • issues Bitcoin dividends
  • uses the same blockchain protocol as Bitcoin


#11: What is the difference between AureusCentral and Aureus.cc?

AureusCentral was created exclusively for those migrating out of BitKingdom. It serves only the members that remained after BitKingdom while Aureus.cc is open to the public and is where individuals can complete their Proof-of-Participation. 


#12: I lost money because of BitKingdom. What can I do?

Do you already have an AureusCentral account? If so, please refer to the support there.

Apart from that, please realise that the whole BTC dividend system was created so that those who were victimised by the failed community lending program can get back their losses by collecting dividends. It is a long process, but it is the most viable and practical solution that we can offer.


#13: What was the Bitcoin reserve that makes Aureus so unique?

The official name of the Bitcoin reserve that backs Aureus was called the Aureus Bitcoin Trust (ABT)

These bitcoin accounts were transferred into BTC exchanges by Selachii, Digital Asset Authority, a trusted law firm based in London with a wealth of experience in legal matters in digital currency industry.

When BTC reached milestones of USD prices ($3,000 and $5,000), a round of voting was carried out on whether or not to liquidate the reserve.

The first vote was held in August 2017 when BTC price reached $3,000. The result was not to liquidate and to continue generating dividends from the ABT.

After a few months in October, BTC reached a staggering price of above $5,000, and another vote was held. An overwhelming majority won by a landslide to liquidate the ABT fund.


#14: What did the ABT consist of ?

The initial reserve of the ABT was 15,000 BTC.


#15: What happened during the SegWit Hard Fork in August?

In August 2017 the Aureus community was also awarded 15,000 BCH due to the hard fork. The management decided to set aside the BCH and convert 700 BCH to BTC every month to ensure BTC dividends to all AURS holders for the next 21 months after that.


#16: How are the dividends generated?

The BTC dividends are generated by different methods:

  • transaction fees within the ecosystem
  • sales of AURS
  • merchant fees
  • conversion of 700 BCH every month to BTC


#17: How are the dividends calculated?

Every month, the Dividends Declared fluctuates as it is dependable on the different methods (as listed above) used to generate the dividends. Therefore, there is no fixed supply of the amount of BTC dividends that is produced.

The formula for how we distribute the dividends amongst all Aureus holders is as follows:


#18: Where can I buy Aureus?

You may now purchase Aureus on the C-CEX exchange.

Please stay tuned for our updates as we are currently working to increase the number of exchanges that Aureus is recognised.


#19: Where can I securely store Aureus?

You can securely store your Aureus on the Android wallet which is currently available in the Google Play Store. Please stay tuned for our iOS and PC wallets which will be released soon.


#20: Where can I discuss Aureus?

Aureus is now available on many social media platforms:

Please note that these are our official pages that our team manages.

#21: How do I contact the Telegram Aureus.cc bot?

Simply download Telegram and access the bot by clicking this link.
The Telegram bot can be used to recover lost 2FA codes and if you forget your password.


II | Aureus: the management

get to know the team


#1: Who is this new management team?

The new management team consists of:

  1. Cryptocrest
  2. BitLox
  3. Naqiz & Partners
  4. Selachii DAA (previously)


#2: Why should I trust the new management?

Ever since the official launch in April 2017, the Aureus team have expanded their efforts to market the cryptocurrency in a sanguine fashion. The current management was not involved with BitKingdom and have since then operated in a manner aimed to serve the community better.


#3: Who is Cryptocrest?

Cryptocrest provides robust and reliable crypto-financial solutions. They consist of three leaders with excellent business acumen who contribute to the central management of Aureus.


#4: Who is BitLox?

BitLox provides hardware mobile wallets and is also currently working on making a custom hardware wallet for Aureus.


#5: Who is Naqiz & Partners?

Naqiz & Partners is a firm that is active throughout Southeast Asia and provides legal advice for Aureus.


#6: Who is Selachii DAA?

Selachii DAA was the custodian of the Bitcoin reserve. They are highly regarded in the legal scene in London as they are also the first-ever law firm in the world to get an injunction regarding Bitcoin.

However, upon liquidation of the ABT, they are no longer a strategic partner with Aureus from October 2017.


III | Aureus: the introduction

getting started with Aureus


#1: How do I set up an account?

  1. Visit www.aureus.cc and click on the Sign up button located on the top right-hand corner.
  2. Fill out the application form with your necessary details. Please make sure to double-check that you have entered the correct information such as phone number and email to avoid any further complications later on.
  3. Before you hit the Register button, please save your QR code and 16-digit key as it will NOT appear anymore and will be hard to retrieve after.
  4. Download the Google Authenticator app (iOS & Android) – this will be used to generate your 2FA code
  5. Once you have the Google Authenticator app, scan the QR code on the screen, or you can manually key in the 16-digit code.
  6. Once Google Authenticator recognises the code, it will be included in the app and will generate a 2FA code for you every time you log in.
  7. Upon hitting register, the terms and conditions will be shown, just click the button that says “I agree and register now” and you should have successfully made an account.


#2: Why do I need a 2FA code every time I log in?

The 2FA code system was implemented to strengthen our security measures. The 2FA code will be generated on your phone via the Google Authenticator app so that nobody else can log into your account.

Every account should have their own corresponding QR code/16-digit key code to activate and get the 2FA codes on the Google Authenticator app. 


#3: Can I use a different app that is similar to Google Authenticator?

We highly recommend that the Google Authenticator app be installed as we can provide better customer service, since our team is familiar with this application, and also it is the only app that our system currently supports.


#4: How do I set up my external public wallet (i.e. Android wallet, mobile wallet, public wallet)?

Currently, only the Android public wallet is available. iOS and PC software wallet will be available soon.

Go to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cc.aureus.wallet&hl=en or search for Aureus in your Google Playstore to download and use the Android wallet.

Please follow the clear and straightforward instructions on how to set it up. 

Please note that it is advisable that you save the 12 phrases and/or export your wallet to a text file or QR code for security reasons. In case of any mistakes (e.g. deleting wallets by accident) the 12 phrases or backup process will be able to let you restore the wallet. Please note that once any errors are made, often they are not reversible.


Please also note that the default wallet type is a multiple address wallet. To ensure you will have a smooth PoP process we highly recommend you to create a single address wallet.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. After you have installed and opened your wallet, go to the ‘Home’ screen of your wallet app.
  2. Next, to the list of wallet, there’s a ‘+’ button you can go to. Click on the ‘+’.
  3. Choose ‘New personal wallet’.
  4. Put in your wallet name, and go to ‘Show advanced options’.
  5. Near the bottom of the screen, there’s a ‘Single Address Wallet for Audit’. Turn the button on.
  6. Press ‘Create new wallet’ at the bottom.
  7. Congratulations you have a single address wallet that can be used for the PoP process.


#5: What if I have a multiple address wallet and wish to switch to a single address wallet?

You can’t ‘change’ your wallet into a single address wallet. You will have to create a new wallet that has a single address only. What you can do is to create a new single address wallet following the steps mentioned above, and send all your AUR to the new wallet.


#6: How do I get my Bitcoin dividends?

You can start getting your Bitcoin dividends by completing your Proof-of-Participation.


#7: What is Proof-of-Participation?

We give out dividends to all the Aureus holders who have AURS in their wallet. The more AURS you have, the more dividends you get.

We determine how much AURS you have through a process we have designed called Proof-of-Participation (PoP).

PoP happens at www.aureus.cc. So think of aureus.cc as a smart agent for Aureus, and you’re telling the agent how much AURS you have in your wallet. Therefore, we give you the dividends according to the AURS balance in your wallet, which is why it is important for you to complete your PoP to receive dividends.

Please note that it is NOT where you store your AURS

You store your AURS in your wallets and tell our system at aureus.cc how much you hold through PoP. 


#8: How do I complete my Proof-of-Participation (for single address wallets)?

To complete PoP, please read the following instructions carefully as any mistakes made, will lead to some investigation to rectify the errors and it will delay the process of you getting verified to receive dividends.

Only the AURS in public wallets is eligible to receive dividends. Any AURS you want to receive dividends from will need to be in your public wallet. Therefore, we highly recommend that you send your AURS to your public wallet first before completing PoP.

Here’s the step-by-step on how to complete PoP:

  1. Log into your www.aureus.cc account.
  2. Go to ‘% AUR Stake‘ and click on ‘Add‘.
  3. A screen will pop up with a QR code along with the wallet address.
  4. Only send 0.001 AURS to the wallet address provided.
  5. Go back to ‘% AUR Stake‘ and click on ‘Update wallet balance‘. You will see your wallet address listed and it should show the balance in your wallet now.
  6. Congratulations. You have completed the PoP process.


#9: How do I complete my Proof-of-Participation (for multiple address wallets)?

For those of you who have a multiple address wallet, please note the following:

  1. If your stakes aren’t appearing as it should on your dashboard or if it’s different from the actual balance of your wallet, then you most likely have what we call a multiple address wallet.
  2. It’s a little bit tricky with multiple address wallets. Therefore, we highly recommend that you create a new single address wallet and use that wallet instead.

If you still want to proceed and use a multiple address wallet for the PoP, then here are the instructions:

  1. Log into your www.aureus.cc account.
  2. Go to ‘% AUR Stake‘ and click on ‘Add‘.
  3. A screen will pop up with a QR code along with the wallet address.
  4. Only send 0.001 AURS to the wallet address provided on the screen.
  5. After that, go to your wallet, click on receive, click on that address listed, and you’ll see a new page with a bunch of addresses, and at the bottom of that page there will be a list called ‘Addresses with balance‘.
  6. Look at the ‘Addresses with balance‘ list, see how many addresses there are. If it’s only one address with your whole wallet balance in it, congratulations, you’re done. You don’t have to do anything else, and the page should list the correct balance of your wallet.
  7. If multiple addresses are holding different amounts of AURS, you will have to follow the steps below:
    1. Access the ‘Address with balance’ list and compare it to the list of addresses shown on your dashboard
    2. Identify which one is the verified address by looking for which address is shown on the ‘Address with balance’ list, there should be one.
    3. Once you have correctly identified the verified address, you will need to start a send order from your wallet and send it to the wallet you have on www.aureus.cc with the destination address being the one you identified as the verified address.

Note: if you use this wallet to send to anyone else you will have to do this again. The balance in your wallet will keep getting moved around different addresses every time you use the wallet to send AURS to someone. Try not to use the wallet again once you are all set. Or just create a new single address wallet, and you will not have to deal with this. 



#10: What happens if I lose my 2FA and therefore lose access to my account?

In the unfortunate event that you lose your phone or can’t generate a 2FA code, then here’s what you can do:

You will have to log into Telegram and contact our system’s bot. Go to http://telegram.me/AureusCCBot type /start and share your phone number.

You should see a menu like this:

/start – Register phone number
/2fa – Request for 2FA code
/reset2fa – Reset 2FA code
/resetpassword – Reset account password

Proceed to press or type /reset2fa. The system will provide you with a new 2FA secret code. You will need to use the new secret code to establish a new 2fa entry for your account and use the 2fa code from that new entry from now on. 


#11: Where can I get instant updates and announcements about Aureus?

All updates and Aureus announcements will be made so through all our social media platforms, including our website’s blog, and our official Bitcointalk thread.

Please note that anything else is not an official Aureus account. So please only follow the ones listed on this website.


IV | Aureus: the support

getting the best customer service


To ensure that every member and holder of Aureus gets the best possible customer service, please abide by the following when contacting us at support@aureus.cc

  1. Only contact us through that email address alone.
  2. Please put your username and a short description of your problem in the title.
  3. Write the details of your problem in the body of the email and not in the title.
  4. All email will be replied within 24-36 hours on weekdays.
  5. Do not send multiple emails with the same request. It will slow us down.
  6. Please read our replies and provide whatever info we need, and feel free to use Google Translate or directly ask us what we mean if you need any further clarification. DO NOT send a new email as it will pile up the tickets and slow down our support team.
  7. If you do not read our replies or do not follow what we say, your ticket will be delayed, and we will proceed to help others first.
  8. If you do not follow the rules above, we can not promise you will get faster help.
  9. We accept any feedback and constructive criticism on how we can further improve our support.



V | Aureus: the collaboration

getting to work with us


#1: I’m a blogger/reporter/journalist, and I would like to write about Aureus. Who can I contact?

You may contact our PR representative at +41800312633 or directly email us at contact@cryptocrest.com and provide us with a short synopsis of what you do.


#2: I would like to invite Aureus to an event/conference. Who can I contact?

We are always on the lookout for great conferences and events to attend. You may contact our PR representative at +41800312633 or just email us at contact@cryptocrest.com and provide us with your brochure, list of sponsorship and speaker available slots.


#3: I’m interested in starting a collaboration with the Aureus management. How do I pitch my idea?

If you’re interested in collaborating with Aureus on a project, you can just contact our PR representative at +41800312633 or directly email us at contact@cryptocrest.com and please provide us with all the necessary details.


VI | Aureus: the glossary

getting to understand us better


  • 2FA Code – this is a code added as an extra security measure and is needed every time you log into your account
  • Aureus – the digital currency known as Aureus.
  • Aureus Bitcoin Trust (ABT) – the Bitcoin reserve that backs Aureus
  • AureusCentral – the collective unincorporated community known as AureusCentral
  • AureusCentral Wallet – the private wallet held by a Citizen in AureusCentral which stores their Aureus balance
  • Aureus Public Wallet – a wallet set up for holding, selling, transferring or receiving Aureus
  • Bitcoin (BTC) – the digital currency known as Bitcoin and is considered the gold standard
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – digital currency that is known as Bitcoin Cash due to the SegWit fork in August 2017
  • BitKingdom – the previously failed community lending program
  • BTC Dividend – a payment made to a holder of Aureus in bitcoin from profits earned from the ABT
  • Citizen – a person who is a member and holder of Aureus
  • Community leaders – the remaining members who were appointed due to their vast influence and major stakes in Aureus.
  • Cryptocrest the appointed governing administrators of Aureus
  • Dividends Declared – the total amount of BTC dividends generated each month
  • Multiple address wallet – a wallet that holds more than one Bitcoin address
  • Proof-of-Participation (PoP) – the mandatory process in which you tell the system how many AURS you carry in your public wallet to start receiving the BTC dividends
  • Registration – a citizen agreeing to these Terms and Conditions of Service and proving their current ownership of Aureus
  • Single address wallet – a wallet that holds only one Bitcoin address

For all other questions that have not been answered, please contact us today to speak with a representative.

Please visit our blog section for the latest resources and announcements. To get started with Aureus, sign up today!