Distribution Program Update

To all Aureus owners:

The distribution program will continue as planned. We regret the delay but it was essential for us to audit our entire blockchain due to complaints by users.

We are now pleased to announce that the audit has been completed and we will proceed with the BTC distribution from the past 4 months including July 2018 before the end of this month:

  • April: 300 BCH = 27 BTC
  • May: 300 BCH = 34 BTC
  • June: 300 BCH = 32 BTC
  • July: 300 BCH = 31 BTC
    Total: 124 BTC


Please be reminded that we are not responsible if you assign your password to other individuals. Please ensure that you keep your password safe.


Please stand by for further updates and keep a watch out for our Mastercard program as well!

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