01 Management Team

The Aureus
is the
of its kind

and is backed by
a Bitcoin reserve

while rewarding
holders with
dividends generated
dividends generated from
the capital by
Experienced Financiers

Aureus will issue a maximum of 21 million AUR tokens over the course of three years on a blockchain, similar to the Bitcoin blockchain.

21 Million Aur 21 Million Aur

pre-mined currency

Aureus Community

Aureus combines the best features of cryptocurrencies – its ability to fuel global, cross-border financial transactions almost instantly, with the best economic opportunities the modern economic system provides. This way, the holders’ Aureus (AURS) are rewarded not just via its use as a cryptocurrency (similar to Bitcoin), but also as an investment vehicle that grows in value and provides Bitcoin dividends to the holders.

Initially, the Aureus cryptocurrency derived its value based on the Aureus Bitcoin Trust (ABT) that held 15,000 Bitcoins from the previously failed community lending program.

The community consists of over 70,000 members, thus giving Aureus a vast network effect right at the beginning of the project. Upon taking over the project, Cryptocrest and the other strategic partners involved meticulously thought out a plan to serve the community best. Firstly, they had to establish the remaining population as a democratic one and give every member a chance to:

  1.  earn dividends as a way to gain back their losses
  2. make decisions as a whole thriving community

70,000 Members

“Huge Network Effect”

Experienced investors

This money will be managed via Cryptocrest

which has a long history and
proven experience in managing
investor money
in the regular economy.

1st Vote – August
2nd Vote – October

Therefore, a strategic and viable plan was implemented whereby high BTC price milestones will automatically hold a vote. Each Aureus holder was able to have a say on what happens to the ABT.

The Aureus team held a vote in August as BTC price reached $3,000 and above. Majority of the community voted to keep on receiving Bitcoin dividends generated from the ABT. Therefore, the ABT was not liquidated.

In October 2017, another vote was held upon BTC reaching a staggering price of $5,000. The overwhelming majority of the community voted to have the ABT fund liquidated.

Also as a result of the hard fork in August, the Aureus community was rewarded with 15,000 BCH. This was then decidedly pushed aside to also be used to generate dividends by converting 700 BCH monthly to BTC. Therefore, ensuring that the community will have BTC dividends for the next 21 months.

SegWit – 1st Bitcoin Hard Fork
15,000 BCH

The ABT was liquidated
but 15,000 BCH still remains
to be
on a
monthly basis to generate dividends

Aureus public wallet

on the Android Store

02 Abstract



is a blockchain based crypto-asset. It is unique among other crypto-assets in that it derives its value not just from the crypto economy but from the real-world economy.

Aureus is built from the ground-up on a blockchain modeled after the highly successful Bitcoin protocol.

Aureus investors will be able to handle Aureus as they do any other cryptocurrency, as it combines the best of both worlds, providing the flexibility, liquidity, and accessibility of crypto-assets combined with returns derived from the real-world economy.


The goal of Aureus is to enable investors from the world over to invest in local economies via the power of decentralized blockchain technology and help provide them with risk-adjusted returns superior to what they can find locally.

The Benefits

An increase in the value of the Aureus cryptocurrency comes from the investment competency of Cryptocrest, which has a proven experience in managing large sums of money for investors in the regular economy. Thus, investors will benefit not just from the use of Aureus as a cryptocurrency, but also from the vast community network. Aureus is a nascent cryptocurrency that aims to stay innovative and also best serve its community.

Click here to download
the full Aureus Whitepaper


The Aureus public wallet is currently available on the Android Store and a customized edition of the BitLox hardware wallet will soon be released. The hardware wallet is currently the best and most secure way to store your cryptocurrencies.
So stay tuned for our Aureus hardware wallet.

BitLox is a strategic partner to Aureus, providing cutting-edge secure and reliable mobile wallet technology.”

15,000 Bitcoins

Initial reserve (liquidated)