Bitcoin dividends declared to Aureus holders!

Good news today! Cryptocrest, the management consultancy for Aureus, have released a total of 119.7 Bitcoin to all Aureus holders who have completed their respective proof-of-participation on

NOTICE: Extension of First Dividend Distribution/Payment

As of April 25th, we have decided to comply with the numerous requests from community members and are pleased to announce that we will be giving a two-day extension for members to complete proof-of-participation.

Therefore, we highly encourage members to do so before April 27th as this will be the final date for dividend payments to be given out. So to receive your dividends successfully and with no fuss, please heed our advice.

We strongly advise users to ­avoid moving your funds to a different wallet during the day of dividend distribution (April 27), as doing so will affect the calculations of your dividends. This is because if you move your funds on April 27, you may be subjected to miscalculations on your dividends.

We write this memo to serve as a warning so that further complications can be prevented and so that every community member receives their dividends successfully. So please make sure that you do not have any account movement on April 27. Only after April 27th, will you then be able to move your funds to a different wallet as you wish.

On another note, the team behind Aureus are here to fully serve every member and are trying to come up with the best solution and support for everybody.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience. For any questions or queries, feel free to contact

Please do not send your queries to any other email address as it may not be received by our support staff.

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18 Responses
  1. Santosh Kumar Panda

    What’s the aureus price for trading public and I will sell my aureus coin which price?please give me advice because my limited fund are investing 7 month

    1. aureus

      Hi Santosh,

      We’re going to launch the exchange soon and only then will be able to see the Aureus price. Stay tuned!

  2. Subash

    Hi this is Subash

    What the aur price? We will release exchange wallet and then my money long month pending fast 6 month so pls clearly tell clearification pls

  3. Alan

    What do u mean by proof-of-participation?
    I have pledge my AUR about 1 month now.
    So how do I can assume I comply with the proof-of-participation?

    1. aureus

      Hi Azlin, apologies for that. Has your issue been dealt with already? If not, please send again to the support email.

  4. Vyno R Anbalagan

    When will the IOS apps ready to downloaded ??
    Have been waiting for months and AUR is staying idle …
    Kindly advise …

    1. aureus

      Only in 2-3 months. In the mean time your AUR shouldn’t be idle. You can pledge it in to get more Aureus.

      It would be better if you were to get an Android phone to set up the Aureus wallet so as to not miss out on the Bitcoin dividends. There have been two batches of Bitcoin dividends released so far.

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