8th Dividend Distribution


A total of 110 BTC was distributed to all members who successfully complied with our instructions.

A total of 7,974,527.65227 AURS over approximately 27,620 AURS addresses was included in this calculation. Therefore, members received 0.00001379 BTC for 1 Aureus.

Please note that these were the dividends generated from the month of December.

Starting 2018 (dividends that will be given out in the first week of February), we strongly recommend that everyone move their AURS to their Aureus.cc wallet before the first week of the month in order to take part in the distribution of dividends.

There is no need to complete Proof-of-Participation. If you want a smoother dividend collection process, simply move your AURS to your Aureus.cc wallet before the first week of each month.

For more info, kindly visit our FAQ pages.
Or feel free to contact us.
Thank you.

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