2018 (January & February) dividends – full update

Please read the full announcement for more information about the most recent batch of dividends distributed.


To all Aureus owners:

In the volatile crypto-world, one must always stay vigilant and companies have to increasingly be innovative in order to stay relevant in the industry. As part of our commitment to provide you with better and more efficient services, we made vast improvements to our internal infrastructure. This included an extensive system and database upgrade within the Aureus ecosystem. Our new system will help us to offer more features and functionality in your overall Aureus experience. Our aim was to make the process of receiving BTC dividends simpler while still accommodating all of our members’ demands and needs.

We would like to remind all members that the following activities are done to generate the BTC dividends every month:

  1.  700 BCH conversion to BTC
  2. Merchant fees
  3. Transaction fees
  4. Sales of AURS

The merchant fees, transaction fees, and sales of AURS for the months of January and February have been included in this batch of dividends plus the conversion of 700 BCH for the month of February. No BCH conversion was done on January due to the system upgrade and maintenance.

On that note, the dividends of February (distributed recently) amount to a total of 78 BTC. A total of 8,669,568.28218 AURS was distributed in 15,869 AURS wallet addresses. Consequently, they received 0.00000899698 BTC per 1 AURS.

For more information about Aureus, please visit our FAQ pages. If your question is not included, do not hesitate to contact our friendly support team.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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